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My name is Rev Richard .O. Jackson, the founder of African Children School. By profession, I am a Gospel musician, pastor and educationist from the Republic of Nigeria. I have thirty years teaching experience and taught in over four schools in the Gambia including St Joseph Senior Secondary and Methodist Preparatory Schools.  .

Establishing a good school has ever been my desire I worked hard to make this dream a reality. African Children School came into being on12th September 2008 in Brusubi- The Gambia, The school started with five pupils. By January 1999 the number had risen to thirteen; by the end of the academic year there were thirty-five pupils. In September 1999, one hundred were enrolled in the school.

African Children School was initially called African Christian  school. During a PTA meeting in 2011, I agreed to the suggestion made by parents to change the name of the school from African Christian School to African Children School. The change of name paid dividend because Gambian parents most of whom are Muslim began to see the school as a normal private school and not purely Christian school

I thank God that i have a team of devoted and committed teachers who are quite willing to deliver to the best of their ability not just for the remuneration but more for the joy of providing quality education for children.

Long live African Children School.

Richard O Jackson

Our Sponsors – Revd John and Dorothy Baxter

We met Revd Richard Jackson whilst we were on holiday in The Gambia in 2001.  We started to sponsor the school whilst it was in rented premises in Banjul.  In 2007 we were able to fund the purchase of the land in Brusubi on which the present school stands.

2008 saw our funding the building of the first four classrooms and accommodation for Revd Jackson and his family. The upper floor was completed in 2009. Since then we have funded further building works in two stages to add a total of eight more classrooms and an ICT suite and library area as well as a school office. The School now has Mains water and Electricity.

We help with purchase of furniture and stationary and with the salaries of the teachers when necessary.

Through our local contacts in the UK we have been able to send out clothing, shoes and books both for the school and to be distributed to local people around Brusubi. 

We visit the school twice a year and are thrilled to see how much progress the children make as they pass through various years of education.

Richard and our vision for the school is to be the very best in The Gambia and its test results show it is well on the way to achieving this goal.

We continue to support and fund the school as much as we can because it gives us real joy to help in the education of so many Gambian children.

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